Crown Heights

Free pizza brunch to test the limits of Brooklyn civility

A grim preview of Saturday? via Against Crony Capitalism

Brooklynites love brunch the way that Paul Ryan loves Medicare vouchers: truly, deeply and without reservation. After all, our 10 best brunch spots post has been one of our most popular posts from the moment it went up. So if you take Brooklynites’ love of brunch and combine it with our love for free stuff, could you set off a dangerous chemical reaction that can’t be contained by god or man? I Love Franklin Ave clues us into Crown Heights pizza joint Barboncino’s attempt to find out tomorrow, Saturday, with their “Neighborhood Appreciation Day” free brunch special from 11am to 3pm.

Whether or not this turns into a riot probably depends on how many Crown Heights residents want to venture out to Bed-Stuy to get espresso. Kidding, no one’s doing that. Still, if there were ever a Friday night to make sure that you get soused but not smashed, to ensure you get up at a reasonable time on Saturday, it would be tonight. After all, Barboncino isn’t just any old brick-oven pizza place, it had a spot on New York Magazine’s cheap eats list and also got a rave review from the Voice. So if you show up at one and can’t get a seat for an hour and a half, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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