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Park Slope Two Boots opens Tuesday with FREE PIZZA

two boots park slope
Do you want to pay for this? No, great, good news, you won’t have to this one day. via Facebook

Have you been waiting patiently for the Park Slope Two Boots to open again? Hey, good for you, patience is nice. The thing is, we’ve got news that’s really gonna test your patience, namely that when Two Boots does their Park Slope opening at 6pm on Tuesday, November 25, they’re going to celebrate with free pizza for everyone according to DNA Info. Sorry, wait. We meant to write FREE PIZZA FOR EVERYONE.

We’ll write it one more time because it’s always fun to write about FREE PIZZA, especially when it’s as good as Two Boots’ pizza. Beyond the free pizza, next Tuesday’s party will include music that’s also free, and beer which is not free. Still, you’re saving money on pizza, so you should spend plenty on beer as a thank you to the kind people of Two Boots for just handing you pizza and not expecting money in return. So, just to reiterate: free pizza, Tuesday, November 25 at 6pm at the Park Slope Two Boots (284 5th Avenue).

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