Free manis on Court for your Thursday holiday shop

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Photo from BoCoCaLand

Deep discounts and sales are all well and good, but to really lure the shoppers in? Freebies, dear store-owners. Freebies. (And they best be good—not those calendars from the local real estate office). Case in point: the free manicures Shen Beauty is offering to its holiday shoppers this Thursday, Dec. 2. The Court St. beauty shop, writes BoCoCaLand, is offering manicures and “light fare” between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. to keep you presentable and energized while you’re perusing the shelves. There’s also a sale going on and some other holiday-themed stuff… which we’ll let you read all about here. Shen Beauty, 315 Court St. between Sackett and Degraw Sts., Carroll Gardens.

via BoCoCaLand

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