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Nab this free homebrewing equipment in Carroll Gardens

One crafty Carroll Gardens resident is moving, and their homebrewing equipment didn’t make the cut. Just because they didn’t want this stuff doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! One man’s trash and all that.

Are you devastated at the idea of not working on Monday? Can’t beer (heh) the idea of being home from the office and are truly struggling with ideas for how to spend the long weekend? What better time to take up a new crafty hobby and brew some brew in someone else’s stoop trash.

According to brew gears’ former owner, the haul they’ve left on their stoop includes a 5 gallon corning keg, wine corker and corks, “beer bottle thingamajig (that thing that puts the caps on),” stoppers, priming sugar, tubing and more! All this can be yours for a quick stop between Henry and Hicks streets, halfway down the street and on the left.

The post was still up as of this writing, but it’d been online for 20 hours, so cross your fingers everyone in Carroll Gardens is staunchly anti-homebrew and the good are still there.

Check out the Craigslist post here.

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