Shul’s in session: Free high holiday tickets

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Greenpoint Shul

In case your mother hasn’t been calling you for anything non-hurricane related lately, don’t forget that the Jewish high holidays are coming up right quick. We got word of a shul in Greenpoint where the events are free, where they want you to know they’re young and groovy and don’t care if you wear jeans. You can sign up for free tickets to six high holidays events from Sept. 28-Oct. 8, and get tickets to a cheap Rosh Hashanah dinner too. They’ve even provide babysitting services. Details below!


RSVP online for FREE e-tickets for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Kol Nidrei (seats are limited).

Rosh Hashanah dinner tickets cost $21/members, $26/non-members for Sept. 28th at 7pm; and Sept 29th at 7pm.

Children’s services and babysitting provided.

For more information, eamil [email protected] or call (347) 788-1280

Greenpoint Shul is located at 108 Noble St. in Greenpoint.

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If you don't have the dough to davin, here's our annual list of places where you can pray freely for free, whether your pleasure is reform, orthodox or some kind of New Age hybrid. This year, heaven's gates open the evening of September 28 for Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur begins sundown of October 8.


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