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Free flu shots this weekend here to help save you from winter

flu shots
Do your patriotic duty and don’t spread disease to your friends

Did you guys take our advice and get flu shots when we told you how to find them? Well, great, because now New York is reporting “widespread” influenza activity, and everyone is just a big walking bag of disease, non-STI division. You can still take precautions though, and for free, as the city will be giving free flu shots in Crown Heights in a program specifically targeted towards adults.

The flu shots are being given Saturday January 25 at the Crown Heights First Baptist Church (400 Eastern Parkway) from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. DNA Info talked to the Department of Health about it, and they casually mentioned, like a guilt-tripping mother, that 70 percent of all young adults in the city haven’t gotten flu vaccines. So this free flu shot day is trying to target people who are 17 or older.

Sure a few days away from the office sounds nice, but is it really worth your friends treating you like some kind of disease-ridden pariah who can’t even keep the chicken soup down that one of them was forced to bring you? No, it’s not. So if you’re paranoid about that, we suggest getting on line outside the church right now.

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  1. Just got back from trying to take advantage of this. 400 Eastern Parkway is a construction site. Google says the church is at 450 Eastern Parkway, not that it does me any good now. Thanks for making me wander through the snow for 45 minutes for no reason!

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