The free ferry from Red Hook to Manhattan is back

destination red hook
It’s this or riding the bike there

It’s summer and dang it, that means it’s time for free stuff. Free outdoor movies, free concerts and sure what the hell, free ferries. That last one is a reality now, because a press release just landed in our inbox alerting us to the news that the free ferry between Red Hook and Manhattan that started last year is coming back for more, with service starting this Saturday, June 28.

The Destination Red Hook ferry, if you didn’t ride it last year, will run in a loop between Pier 11 Slip A in Manhattan and the Ikea ferry dock in Red Hook, with a stop at the pier on Van Brunt Street , by the Fairway, for good measure. The ferry launches every 25 minutes from Manhattan from 11:30am to 8:40pm and from the Ikea dock from 11:55am until 9:05pm, every Saturday and Sunday from this weekend through Labor Day.

You might be asking yourself why you’d want to go to Manhattan, considering you already live in Brooklyn, and the answer is two-fold. First, that’s an impressive but ultimately ridiculous level of provincialism that’s better left for those snooty jerks from Manhattan refuse to visit Brooklyn. Second, it’s the summer, so you should travel. Even if that travel is limited to a couple weekend trips to the Battery Park City waterfront, which is actually quite nice.

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