Free dog alert: Prospect Park’s Ghost Dog needs a home

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Ghost Dog, power, equality. Photo via Wall Street Journal

There are plenty of dogs you could adopt in Brooklyn, but if you’re going to do that, why not try to adopt one that is the living, breathing spirit of Prospect Park? Long thought to be a legend, or even an actual ghost dog, Prospect Park’s Ghost Dog has finally been found and has been getting checked up and fixed up by Sean Casey Animal Rescue. The Brooklyn Paper reports it’s almost time for him to head back into the world, and you could be the lucky owner.

Despite living the life of a wild, unattached dog, Ghost Dog is still tame and friendly, but Casey warns he’s not just going to give him to any schmuck who asks nicely. You need to be able to prove you can handle a dog of his size (100 pounds) and provide personal and veteranarian references to show you’re patient enough to teach him the ways of the kept life. Honestly, you may have an easier time just adopting a kid.

Still, if you want to jump in to the competition with the other 40 people trying to adopt the most Brooklyn dog in the city, contact Sean Casey Animal Rescue at (718)436-5163.

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