Free desserts, cheap beers on the menu at Nitehawk tonight (Oct. 29)

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This, but a bar. One ticket to Heaven, please. via Facebook

Halloweek is upon us, which means you’re probably doing some soul-searching and asking, “How can I turn into a tasteless costume?” You may also be wondering, “Where can I do some warm up (or mid-race) stretches for my liver and tooth enamel?” Well we’ve got you covered. Nitehawk Cinema (136 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg) is hosting a party featuring free dessert and cheap beer for a Kickstarter to open Butter & Scotch, Brooklyn’s first dessert and cocktail bar, Tuesday at 6pm. The bar-to-be is a partnership between Keavy Blueher of Kumquat Cupcakery and Allison Kave of First Prize Pies, both of whom you may recognize from Smorgasburg.

The sweet nectar and free nectar will be in Nitehawk’s downstairs bar area Oct. 29, from 6pm-10pm. Blueher and Kave will be serving up free s’mores pie bars and maple bacon cupcakes along with $3 beers. There’s a special place in our heart for desserts that make us think of summer camp and/or breakfast, so Butter & Scotch has won us over. Also, cheap beer. If you love sweet deals as much as we love bad puns you’ll be there.

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