Boerum Hill/ Gowanus

Free comedy, joke contest and a special Brokelandia screening!

So funny you'll get preggo.

If you’re finding the weekend before this V-day a little stressful to plan, you might consider the fertile land of Hank’s Saloon for the free and awesome Let’s Get Pregnant With Comedy monthly show this Sunday. Bring your significant other, someone you’re looking to impress, or show up stag with the hopes of pulling the goalie for some lucky bystander, all to the romantic soundtrack of poop and fart jokes! The night will feature Malcom Wilford, Julia Stratmann, Jessica Darakjian, Daryl Ellerbe, Carlen Altman and yours truly. Also on tap is a special screening of Brokelyn’s hit video Brokelandia, which is way better to watch outside of a cubicle, and without headphones plugged into your computer. And for those of you looking to impress your current/sitting-at-the-bar-now-but-definitely-future sweetheart, you can compete for a $20 tab by telling your own joke on stage. That’ll buy a whole bunch of couple-tinis (I think that’s a PBR and a shot of Jack at Hank’s).

8pm Sunday, Hank’s Saloon, 46 Third Ave., Boerum Hill.

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