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Sweet deal! Sugarburg is giving away coffee this week

Sugarburg is so sweet, they’re serving coffee and pastries now. Photo via Facebook

What’s better than a bar that has curated craft beer and whiskey, great food and cool art on the walls? A bar that has all of that plus good coffee, and as of this week, Sugarburg is it. Better yet, they’re giving it away for free next week.

We already loved Sugarburg (519 Metropolitan Ave. at Union) for its awesome atmosphere and alcohol expertise. Now, the Burning Man-inspired resto-bar has added Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee and a full espresso bar to the mix. As if you needed more inspiration to get out of bed, we just got an email letting us know they’ll give you a cup of drip for free if you’re one of the first 50 customers on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The catch, if there is one, is that Sugarburg now opens at 7am, so you’ll have to get there early. All we had to hear was “free wifi and coffee,” though.

Along with the joe,  Sugarburg will now be offering local patisserie options as well, which we think is pretty sweet. Hit ’em up for any of your fixes, be it sweets, caffeine or booze. Of course, don’t forget your Beer Book if you have one.

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