Free beer this Thursday from The Onion

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Local man likes beer, friends report.

The Onion: great for break-room reading at work, oddly prescient social commentary (“I mean, seriously, what is that night crew doing??”), Chomsky-based puns, the occasional cross-dressing advice column and good-time, all-around distractions. But did you know the satirical vegetable also wants to get you drunk, for free? We just heard about The Onion Society for Beer Enjoyment, an occasional beer-fest hosted by the newspaper, featuring free brewskis from breweries around the country. This week, Brooklyn’s the lucky locale.

This Thursday, May 20, the club will feature Chelsea Brewing Company beers from 7 to 9 p.m. (or while supplies last) at The Brazen Head, where the  Chelsea brewmaster will also be on-hand to host a group tasting.

We’d like to tell you more about this society and their meetings, but like most secret societies throughout history, they don’t have their own website. It looks like they hold these meetups a few times a year at various bars in the city, and your best bet is to keep your eyes on the AV Club website to look for future chances to partake. An RSVP is required to ensure your right to imbibe for free on Thursday. Email [email protected]. More info (though not much more) here.

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