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Brooklyn artists are giving away free anti-Trump designs for your protest needs

Left image by  Zoe Beloff, right image by Crys Yin.
Left image by Zoe Beloff, right image by Crys Yin.

Much like the state of war in 1984, the state of protesting for the next four years will begin to feel ever present, having no discernible middle or end, a constant underlying sense that we must have always been protesting, we must always be protesting. We’ll keep listing protest events and other anti-Trump fundraisers as they pop up, but today we bring you some news of some free anti-Trump protest art so you can ditch that poorly spaced, hand-drawn cardboard sign.

Arts and culture blog HyperAllergic tells us about several Brooklyn artists who are giving away original free, downloadable protest images that you can use as signs, banners, buttons, stickers or print on a T-shirt. Not only are the messages strong, the art is great too. 

The first batch of art comes from the website Hair on Fire, organized by Brooklyn artists Lee Boroson, Laura Parnes, and Kirsten Hassenfeld. HyperAllergic describes it as art that “looks like a sort of cross between socialist realism and John Heartfield’s political photomontages; a caustically punny piece by Tali Hinkin; strong text pieces by Jen Liu and Guy Richards Smit; and more.”

You can buy supplies like sticker paper through a sister site too; sales benefit the ACLU.

The second batch comes from Lost and Found Resistance from Brooklyn artists Crys Yin, who is making anti-Trump lost-and-found style posters such as these:

facts poster


Also if you don’t want to do the printing yourself, grab yourself one of these posters/placards, which our in-house designer Madelyn Owens is selling on Etsy. They’re $20, and the money goes toward helping fund a zine a few of us are putting together that we’re distributing free across the city, containing information on what you can do to prepare for, and fight back against, a Trump presidency. That’s a lot of pages to print, so feel free to donate more than $20 too.

Poster by Madelyn Owens.
Poster by Madelyn Owens.

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