Former 3rd Ward building seeks buzzwords to rent space in it

3rd ward
Coming soon: Synergy!

Having closed in the middle of the night and taken the dreams of artisanal Brooklyn with it, the empty 3rd Ward building has been haunting Bushwick like a ghost, warning everyone with dreams of changing the world not to do it. Or at least not to invite investors along to help them. But FREEwilliamsburg noticed that someone was putting up ads to rent the 10,000-square foot space, so they decided to call the broker and ask about it. Turns out a mystery company is already in there. A mystery company made of buzzwords.

The brokers who have the space told FREEwilliamsburg that “an internet company” will be moving in, but when pressed for details, told them in part that “It is our intent to find original companies to nurture an environment of synergy and affiliation with the world of arts, business and technology,” and that they’ve found the perfect company to promote learning, fun, sustainability and ideas. Somehow, the word synergy wasn’t used in the quote.

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