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Forget Shake Shack, Two Boots is Citi Field’s best food

two boots citi field
The place that smart, discerning Mets fans go. Photo by David Colon

While reveling in the Mets two wins over the Yankees the last two days, some of you may have come across the news that Lucas Duda, America’s Sweetheart and owner of incredible bat speed, was recently poisoned by a Shake Shack burger. The Mets are swearing up and down that the burger came from different Shake Shack, but we trust nothing that ownership has to say. While the odds are low the same thing will happen to you, we can give you a way to lower the odds of getting meat poisoning to zero: By eating at the Two Boots location at Citi Field, which is not only delicious, but is also a great value for ballpark food prices.

If you live in New York, you obviously already love pizza, so when you go to a game, why would you not want to eat pizza? The main reason would be that you wouldn’t want to get some gross, microwaved Papa John’s bullshit. With the Two Boots location in the center field food court, that’s not a problem though. There are actual ovens that cook actual pizza. Vegan pizza too, if you’re weird.

two boots citi field vegan slice
That it doesn’t have Mets-themed name means we’ve already forgotten Jose Valentin’s excellent 2006. Photo by Tim Donnelly

There are plenty of Mets-themed names for the slices, like The Happy Recap, Meat the Mets and Grandma Joan, so you can feel good about the team while eating pizza. More important than that though, is the fact that these are actual Two Boots slices, so they taste as good as the ones you’d get around the city. At $6.25, they’re a little more expensive than the slices you’d find at a Two Boots, but even after allowing for ballpark price markups, they aren’t so much more than what you’d pay for a specialty slice there.

Plus, did we mention the fact that you won’t be felled by food poisoning? There’s that whole thing. The final reason to go though, is that while the Shake Shack, Blue Smoke and Box Frites lines mirror what the line looks like at Madison Square Park Shake Shack, the Two Boots is still apparently a secret in plain view, with a line that moves quickly enough for you to get back to your seat and cheer those game saving defensive plays that Lucas Duda is so well-known for.


  1. Eric Silver

    I don’t find this study scientific at all. First of all, who gets full off of one slice of pizza? That’s insane at $6+ per slice. There’s got to be a better food deal at Citi Field than that.

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