Forget coffee to sober you up, how about a pill?

Go ahead, drink it all. via Flickr user Mel B.
Go ahead, drink it all. via Flickr user Mel B.

We’ve all had moments at the end of the night where we either dread taking the long , drunk trip home or do something incredibly regrettable that requires a hurried exit and a ton of apologies the next day. But what if, instead of people giving you water when you’ve had too much to drink, your friends could just reach in their medicine cabinets or pockets and get a pill to sober you up? Would you ever stop drinking?

According to theĀ MIT Technology Review, the science behind a sobriety pill is rapidly being figured out. The latest news is that enzymes injected into drunk mice (the luckiest of all experimental animals) dramatically lowered the mice’s blood alcohol content. The scientists behind it compared it to having “millions of liver cell units in your stomach,” which sounds like a dream come true. Finally, the ability to drink infinite beers. The scientists behind the research were talking about it being used in the future to keep people from getting drunk in the first place, so they probably see it as a treatment for alcoholism. But let’s face it, a product like this just cries out for abuse from people who prefer not to stop drinking just because they have work the next day. People like us.

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