Forget a gym, go with the G Train Workout Plan

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“The Sprint,” one of the many ways the G train keeps you fit. Photo by mili005 on Instagram

You might think that the subway isn’t the healthiest way to get around, what with all the sitting and TERRIFYING MICROBES. And usually that’s the case, unless of course you live on the G train. In which case, with the help of the Riders Alliance and years of neglect from the MTA, you’ll be running, sprinting and hiking until you’re as fit as you were in college. Or, whenever you were most in shape:

Then again, if you only want to keep exercise where it belongs, in terrible terrible gyms, you could check out the Riders Alliance and see how you can get involved with their push for better transit.

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  1. What about the stairs you do when they don’t rope off the station?
    Or, the workout your wallet gets when you pay the fare, only to find that the train you intended to take is not stopping there?

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