For nomads, a chance to wander to Egypt

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You don't need Michael Bay's film crew to win this Egyptian trip

With another blizzard rearing its head this week, why not spend your snow day dreaming of riding camels in the hot desert sand? The Nomading Film Festival, to be held in Brooklyn this June, is looking for short submissions (15 minutes or less) of your authentic, non-fiction travel experiences. Ideal entries will show you exploring and engaging absolutely anywhere in the world, even in your own backyard. Submissions can be in any video format, from 3-D to iPhone. The first place winner will win an 8-day adventure in Egypt. Here’s the details:  The winner will be chosen by the audience during the festival, which takes place on June 18. The audience will vote along these five categories during the festival:

1) The trip I wish I was on.

2) The trip I’m glad I wasn’t on.

3) The nomad(s) I want to travel with.

4) The most enlightening trip.

5) Simply put, that trip makes me want to travel, now!

The cost to enter is $10 from now until January 31st; from February 1st to April 30th, the price rises to $20. Entries that are accepted for the festival will be notified by May 15. The festival says category winners who don’t get the Egypt trip will win some prizes worth more than the entry fee, including flights, gear, and other prizes (full details here).

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