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Brokelyn on Tumblr: It's a Tumblast!

Hello internet users! Because we know our Brokelyn Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts weren’t enough, Brokelyn is now on Tumblr! Why should you follow us there? We’ve put together a list of five reasons.

1. Musings. Our Tumblr is team Brokelyn’s hyperactive sensory appendage on the cerebral cortex of our main blog. That means quotes, photos, reblogs and more things you won’t find on Brokelyn proper. 

2. Filters. Our tumblr provides links to our top stories, so if you’re more of the skimming type, follow us to be exposed to only the biggest items of brokevestigative journalism. But stay up with our regular site for everything else!

3. Fashion. We will regularly post our thrift finds, crazy sales discovered on the spot, cross-bridge sample sales, street style and other breaking gems that don’t merit a full article. Also, every Wednesday, anticipate gratuitous picture of a Brokelynite – spearheaded by two of the most stylish ladies on team brokelyn and inspired by the forever-meme GPOYW (look it up).

4. Voyeurism. Our Tumblr features behind-the-scenes Brokelyn: more of a lens into who our contributors are and how we live. Here we’ll boast about our day-to-day, satiating our deepest urges to share (like we do on Twitter. But with more pictures).

5. Tell us your cheapest, darkest secrets. Our tumblr has an anonymous ask box. Don’t have the time to write an email or require more than 140 characters in a mere tweet? Ask us on Tumblr! Whatever your heart desires.

You can keep up with it here on the Brokelyn Tumblr!

Follow Caroline: @shadood (who also Tumbls at Broadist.

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