Fly like paper, get high like planes: See M.I.A. in Queens

See the swagger like this up close and personal. vi Facebook

Has your life been missing a certain amount of swagger lately? Well, you can see if M.I.A. has any to spare since she’s gonna be just over the border in Queens next month. Seriously? Seriously, the Sri Lankan born, London-bred artist is performing on Thursday, May 8 at 7pm with A$AP Ferg at the Knockdown Center (52-19 Flushing Avenue) for just $38.

For those who aren’t the biggest MIA fans, the venue is reason enough to attend. The Knockdown Center is a huge restored factory from 1903, and its gated three acre lot has recently been home to both Tiki Disco and the Knockdown Flea on weekends. Its labyrinthine arrangement has adjoining rooms (in case you want to get cozy somewhere!) varying in size and grandeur.

The show is  not only a chance to get out of Brooklyn (technically this counts as traveling!) but also a chance to combat the bubonic plague that is “Y.O.L.O.” by raging to M.I.A.’s 4th single, “Y.A.L.A.” (You Always Live Again). Take that Drake! Or just go because M.I.A. will (BANG BANG BANG BANG! AND KKKAAA CHING! AND) take your money if you don’t.

[h/t Bushwick Daily]

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