Bored? Start your own DIY airline with help from Boeing!

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Anyone can start an airline!

We live in a DIY world. If you aren’t dreaming of your own startup that makes it easier for dogs to order Chipotle or starting a business that teaches babies to virtues of Ayn Rand, you’re pretty much worthless. AIrplane/flying death fortress manufacturer Boeing is down with the kids and their newfangled disrupting of all industries, so they’re more than willing to lend a helping hand with their StartupBoeing website, their helpful guide to starting your own airline, like you do.

Until you can take a class on it in Brooklyn, this website will probably be your best resource on starting that airline you’ve always wanted to start. It’s not as simple as just building your own Spruce Moose and pulling up to a gate at LaGuardia, as it turns out. But don’t worry about that! Boeing provides resources to teach you everything you need to know about how to buy airplanes, how to train your crew and how to develop your brand. Although, really, you want to start with that, because every good company starts with a name and then just fills in the rest around it.

Hell, we don’t know, maybe some of you are sitting on a huge family fortune or a winning lottery ticket. Or you’ve got a friend with a crazy idea to start her own airline. Whatever it is, now at leas you’ll be able to sit her down and show her that starting an airline isn’t as easy as they think it would be. If we have one quibble with the guide, it’s that it doesn’t seem to have any information on the best way an airline can make money: giant government bailouts.

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