Flavorpill wants your Bushwick Open Studios show ideas to turn them into a reality

bushwick open studios
That could be work you picked out that people are staring at and taking pictures of. Photo by Jospeh Talman

Art man, it’s all like, politics or something. That’s what our very uneducated understanding of the art world anyway. So maybe it isn’t, but it’s still a world you have to learn to navigate, but we found a shortcut for you. If you’ve got a good eye for art and have an idea for a show at Bushwick Open Studios but just don’t know how to proceed, Flavorpill wants to hear about it and will help get it into the art walk if their panel of esteemed art judges likes the proposal. Hooray for art shortcuts!

Or maybe hooray for small unknown curators, we suppose this isn’t a complete shortcut. Still, if you’re a complete unknown looking to get a show into Bushwick Open Studios, you could do worse. The call for proposals specifically asks for smaller and independent curators to apply, and promises that your show will be “evaluated based on artistic and conceptual rigor — not the curator’s CV or bio.” Finally, you can pitch that idea of a studio full of G.I. Joe (live action movie, not cartoons) characters painted in the style of Picasso to someone who might listen. If they do, your reward is exhibition space at IDIO Gallery and promotion of said show by Flavorpill.

If you want to submit an idea, there are some guidelines of course. first make sure that out of your list of artists at least half of them live in Bushwick year-round and that you have their bios. Then get photos of all the work you’re looking to present, whip up a curatorial statement and email everything to opencall_submit [AT] Who knows, maybe it’s your first step towards art world super stardom. In which case, you’re welcome.

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