Flavorpill has job openings for the pop culture-attuned

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If you worked here, you’d be at work by now. via Foursquare

All day, you annoy co-workers or people at the coffee shop or your probation officer with your weird theories about Miley Cyrus and why American Dad is better than Family Guy. “Shut up already,” everyone tells you. What they should really be telling you (especially your probation officer) is “Shut up already and apply for a job at Flavorpill, their New York office is hiring culture obsessives to be editors and web developers.” So if they won’t tell you that, we will clue you in to the fact that there are plenty of jobs available there now.

The culture vultures over at Flavorpill’s New York office need editors for their non-fiction, music, television and web culture (read: memes and more memes) sections. Because this is the internet and there are no rules, the jobs don’t list stodgy bullshit like minimum experience, outside of “experienced.” Instead they’re just laying out the demanding schedule, which is four posts a day of normal blog content, another four of short opinion columns and slideshows and one longform piece per month, all related to the section where you’re the editor. Are you a bad enough dude? Then go and apply already.

And if you’re not the writing type, the company also has job openings for a visual editor, a front-end web developer, a Ruby on Rails developer and a senior digital sales executive. Basically right now, they have one job for each reason people move to New York for, so be prepared for some fierce competition, and make sure you stand out in some way. If not by professional experience or talent, maybe have a really nice jacket.

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