FLASH SALE! Half off Beer Books till midnight Saturday

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You can get more than double this amount of beer, for free, with the purchase of a single Beer Book. Photo via Wikipedia

30 beers at 30 bars for $30 is a STEAL, so we’re really not sure how to articulate the necessary hyberbole for how good a deal this flash sale is. Until 11:59pm¬†Saturday October 7, we’re offering half off of our Beer Books. That’s right, either or both the Zone 1 and / or Zone 2 Brooklyn Beer Books can be yours for the itty bitty baby price of $15. That means you’ll be paying 50 cents per beer, which is a truly ridiculous price we bout you could find in any bar in America (but please, go on a vision quest and return with the names of the bars selling 50 cent beers).

If you find yourself more frequently above Atlantic Ave., in the Greenpoint / Bushwick / Williamsburg neck of the woods, may we recommend an Upper Brooklyn, Zone 1 book. Should you be the type of Brooklynite who more often drinks below Atlantic, from the brownstone belt to Bay Ridge and Coney Island, a Lower Brooklyn, Zone 2 book will fit you better.

Since they’re only $15 each for the moment, you should obviously get both, as they’re priced at two for the cost of 1. So mosey on over to our online store, take a gander at our wares, and get on this sick sale before it’s done tomorrow night.

Use the code HALFOFF during checkout to take advantage of this sweet deal.

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You're paying 50 cents a beer folks, 50 goddamn cents a beer.


Since this purchase will earn you what amounts to 30 beers for 50 cents each, you can't even call this treating yourself. This is a goddamn INVESTMENT.


Whether you're new to the borough or have been here longer than your neighborhood, if you're good vibes we'd love to see you apply.


  1. Soooo, I know it’s called Beer book, and I’m assuming it only for beer…but for us gluten-free dorks, think bars would honor for cider?

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