Flagrant foul: Study says it costs a family of 4 over $400 to see a Nets game

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Brook Lopez feels for you, broke basketball-goers. via The Brooklyn Game

Hey there, broke basketball fan. Were you making plans to watch the Nets go on an improbable post-New Year’s run for a second straight year live and in-person? Well, beyond the fact that you shouldn’t get your hopes up that that will happen again, you should also keep in mind it could cost you big, at least if you have children, terrible children. A new study pegs the cost for a family of 4 to “enjoy” a game at the Barclays Center at $404.60. Just another argument not to have kids, frankly.

The study, which looked at the cost of an NBA game for a hypothetical family of four at every stadium, comes from Team Marketing Report (via NetsDaily). The data, which pegs a Nets game for a family of 4 as the 7th highest price in the NBA, comes with a couple of caveats though. For starters, it includes the cost of parking, which is $17, and something you can skip if you live in Brooklyn. Unless you’ve got a sitting in traffic fetish we suppose. The study also assumes you’ll buy two programs, two beers, four hot dogs, four sodas and two caps. Which, to be fair, assumes a lot.

On the other hand, the study is based in part on buying the cheapest ticket available at $20, of which there aren’t too many. For instance, even tickets to see the crimes against basketball that are the Charlotte Hornets or the Boston Celtics start at $30, which puts you in triple digits before you’ve even set foot in the damn stadium. The good news for the Nets? They’re still the second-most expensive basketball game in New York City, because a night out at a family of 4 for a Knicks game will run you $676.42, and the cheapest ticket to the Garden is an offensive $54.

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