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Get toasty and toasted with Brooklyn’s best fireplace bars

Photo via Black Mountain Wine House Insta

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the fire inside is … non-existent, unless you live in some fancy Rockefeller-filled chateau on the edge of Central Park or something. Still, we’ll have days when the mercury is doing the deep-bend limbo and all you want is to stuff your face and booty against the comforting pre-historic warmth of a roaring fire. So where do you go? The folks at Yelp have the answer in their  weekly email roundup, which lists all the best bars with fireplaces in Brooklyn (according to Yelp users). Read this list — and the ensuing Yelp debate – and find out where you should go for your post-snow-play date night cuddling.

The House of Small Wonder (Williamsburg), about which a Yelp user says: “I feel positively romantic. The atmosphere is quiet and cozy; I would like to curl myself up in front of their fireplace and take a nap.”

Two Door Tavern (Williamsburg), where the “red velvet pancakes are so good it’s disgusting.”

Le Barricou’s (Williamsburg) croque madame caused had Yelper say she “moaned out loud.”

Union Hall (Park Slope), which, a Yelper says is “a chill time where you can have a good beer and catch up with friends.”

Scottadito (Park Slope), which a Yelper said she got precisely what she wanted: a phenomenal meal in a warm and inviting place.

Camp (Cobble Hill), of which one Yelper said: “any bar that makes cocktails with burnt marshmallows floating on top is a good bar.”

Clover Club (Cobble Hill), which “transports you in time to a magical place” with an “old-time jazz vibe, as customers wearing fedoras sip whiskey by the flames.”

Black Mountain Wine House (Gowanus), described as: “hidden and so charming; don’t go there if you hate good times, good food and good ambiance.”

Delia’s (Bay Ridge), where “the hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps was so effin’ delicious!”

Check out the Yelp forum for more discussion of the best fire place restaurants and bars in the city. What’s your pick?


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