Find secret family buried in Green-wood with ‘Green-ealogy’

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Do you have a rich distant cousin with a mausoleum? Only one way to find out! via Facebook

People are always wondering about their dead family members. Where they came from, how they lived, what they’re doing right now, if you have any secret ones you don’t know about. And now you can delve deeper into that secret family, at least when it comes to Green-wood Cemetery, with their “Green-ealogy” research program. Mysterious dead family members that your boring living family members have mentioned you might have here or there are even better than run-of-the-mill dead relatives.

It works pretty simply. If you think you’ve got say, a dead great-uncle maybe who made his fortune in doubloons somehow, and you’ve got an inkling he was buried in Green-wood, you can fill out a form on their website. You’ll need their name, or at least an idea of their name, to get started, along with as close a date of death as you can think of. From their, Green-wood’s researchers will let you know if they think they’ve got some leads for you.

That part is free. If you decide to keep going and have some research done by Green-wood’s researchers, it’ll run you $28 per half hour of research time. But, you’ll also get an estimate of how long it should take to comb through Green-wood’s records about the half a million dead people hanging around there. Plus, the research will turn up documentation of your relative’s life before they were dead, with things like personal and business correspondence and even links to other mystery family members. It couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. After all, the only thing more brag-worthy than being from New York before someone else is having family die here before somewhere else.

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