Find the ‘best damn jobs’ in the food and drink industry


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New York City is one of the most restaurant-dense cities in the country, meaning that it’s also packed with servers vying for jobs in an industry notorious for turnover. Navigating Craigslist can be a chore, with restaurant owners finding it tiring to sift through unqualified workers, and servers feeling lost in a sea of candidates.

Peter J. Bro and Kirk Thornby have launched the solution, Poached Jobs. Built by the industry for the industry — Bro owns a number of restaurants in Portland — the site has everything you need to find or fill a food services job quickly and efficiently.

Poached Jobs lists only the “best damn jobs in the food and drink industry,” and there’s no cartwheels to turn filling out lengthy profiles. Restaurant owners and chefs can log on to the Resume Viewer to rate, sort, filter, download, and make notes. No more inboxes flooded with irrelevant emails, and resumes are a snap to keep organized. Job-seekers can register for a free account and store a resume. It’s simple to keep tabs on what you’ve already applied for and recently viewed, which comes in extra handy for walk-ins and open calls.

And the industry is taking notice.

“Poached brings something special to the New York restaurant scene,” says Poached NYC City Manager Erin Mikulenka. “When I’m out and about visiting restaurants I can see how important it is for restaurants to get the right workers. Right here in Brooklyn I have friends who use it exclusively.”

poached-jobs-food-drink-industry-kirk-pete-ccPoachedJobs.com co-founder Peter Bro and CEO Kirk Thornby are veterans of the restaurant industry

Poached has local focus on the NYC area and is used by top chefs and restaurateurs. The blog also offers great advice for any restaurant or hotel professional.

Wading through job postings for restaurant work can now become a thing of the past. The food and drink professionals at Poached created the site with your needs in mind, so looking for a restaurant job or looking to fill one no longer has to be a life-sucking hassle.

Check out Poached Jobs to kick your career into higher gear. Now you’re cooking with gas.