Finally, a TV show in Brooklyn not about young people screwing up

Andy Samberg shows off the NYPD's new fashion guidelines
Andy Samberg shows off the NYPD’s new fashion guidelines

TV shows set in Brooklyn have had a common thread running through them lately. They’re all about young broke girls who just want their pants back. And while that’s certainly a slice of in-the-moment Brooklyn, we have more to offer than that, so much more. Wacky cops for instance, who make robot noises and wear Speedos to the office. And now Andy Samberg is capturing that slice of life in his new Brooklyn-based docudrama workplace comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

So, what do we think? It certainly shows how far we’ve come from the days of Louis Scarcella, the detective whose 50 murder convictions the city is now reviewing because of ethical violations, when there were six murders a day. And even if it does just look like a goofy sitcom, it’s nice to have a show set in Brooklyn that doesn’t really mean anything or make you think deep thoughts. Not to mention it comes from Michael Schur, who made a little show you might all know called Parks and Recreation. And Joe Lo Truglia of The State will be there, and so will Andre Braugher and Terry Crews, and those dudes can glower. So, who’s going to watch and then circulate the internet petitions after it’s tragically canceled just as it’s hitting its stride?

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