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Fill up on free food and laughs at Hank’s Saloon Devour Hour Wednesday night

devour hour
Doesn’t matter how funny they are when you’re eating free empanadas. But they’ll probably be funny. via Flickr user Pablo Flores

Friends don’t let friends stay hangry. Seriously, your stomach’s empty and you turn into a nightmare until somebody stuffs a bodega sandwich into you. Before you rage against the world for not letting you eat that bike tire turned doughnut, drop by Hank’s Saloon (46 3rd Ave) Wednesday, October 8 for their debut monthly comedy show Devour Hour, offering free food and and some seriously funny entertainment.

Hank’s Saloon knows the pain that comes with hungry and crankiness at the same time, and they look to alleviate it in the best way possible. Just by showing up, you get FREE food and a show featuring comedians including Gideon Hambright, Ross Parsons, Khalid A. Rahmaan, and Patrick Hastie. The show starts at 8:15pm, but feel free to hang out at Hank’s before then, it’s not like you won’t have a fun time doing that. As if this isn’t already the perfect cure for your bad mood, it’s empanada night. So go on, gorge yourself silly on meat pastries. Just make sure to buy a drink while you’re there so Hank’s can keep the free stuff coming.

To whet your appetite, here’s one of the show’s performers, Patrick Hastie, telling a story about a rash he got:

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