Ffffuuuu: A, C, F train tunnel shutdowns looming

c train
Well, so much for our attempts to make you love this train. via Flickr user Mike Knell

We’ll say this much for Hurricane Sandy: it’s like the houseguest who not only is a terrible guest, but one who leaves terrible messes that you only find months, maybe even years later hidden around your apartment. For instance, even though the repairs on the R train‘s Montague tunnel are going well, the MTA dropped the bomb today that later this year tunnels connecting the A, C and F trains to Manhattan would be shut down on weekends. This will not help our pro-C train propaganda push, will it?

According to amNew York, the dates for the big shutdown haven’t been given yet, except that it’ll come after the ontague tunnel repairs are done on October 2. Knowing that, we recommend starting a rigorous training regiment so you can bike over the East River bridges with ease by October. And sure, the shut down only happening on weekends is a silver lining for those of you with fancy office jobs, but every retail employee in Brooklyn who has to rely on those trains to get them to Manhattan is gonna be extra punchy come October weekends.

Not that we blame the MTA for this, because it’s not like they laid waste to these tunnels. It’s Hurricane Sandy’s fault of course, so with that in mind, we suggest getting back at the planet the only way humanity knows how: reintroducing CFCs into aerosol cans and spraying them at the sky to deplete the planet’s precious ozone layer.

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