A year-long feminist art exhibit is coming to Brooklyn Museum

Smash the patri-art-chy! A year-long feminist art exhibit is coming to Brooklyn Museum
The yearlong feminist art show will include Marilyn Minter’s Blue Poles, Via Brooklyn Museum.

Good news, everyone! We finally killed sexism. According to this Pew study out this week, most men thing sexism is over and thank god someone finally asked men about that, because both being in the patriarchy and trying to fight it is exhausting. So now that sexism is over, what are we all supposed to do with our time?

One idea is to take a break from the realm of Dead White Guy art and go to the Brooklyn Museum, which is kicking off a yearlong feminist art exhibit starting in October. According to DNAinfo, the “Year of Yes” will be stocked with female-centric artwork and programming with the goal of “reimagining feminism.” Luckily, they don’t mean reimagining it this way

It’s in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Sackler Center for Feminist Art, and the exhibit will feature:

-A retrospective of photography and sculpture from Beverly Buchanan.

-A retrospective of feminist artist Marilyn Minter.

-53 nude paintings of Iggy Pop (sure, why not?), which is meant to examine the nude male body throughout history.

-A Georgia O’Keefe exhibit.

-An exhibit focused on black radical women from 1965-85.

And more. Read the DNAinfo story for more on the Year of Yes yearlong installation. And remember, Brooklyn Museum is now free on Thursday nights.


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