Feeling lucky? Enter a lottery to win inauguration tickets

Look at these f-cking hipsters. via Atlantic Wire

The presidential election is finally over and the country is moving on to other distractions (unless you’re Mitt Romney, which, Jesus, this guy). But for anyone that wants to spend one more beautiful night with Professor Barack Obama and Old Handsome Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer is here to make your dreams come true with a chance to win tickets to the presidential inauguration on Monday, January 21, 2013.

Your odds are pretty long, because you’ll be competing against every other New York state resident that wants to go, but hell, if you play scratch-off tickets, at least entering this lottery is free. So, if you were planning on going to the inauguration anyway, follow this link to enter yourself in the lottery by December 13. If you win, you get two tickets, giving you the privilege to sit out in the cold and listen to Obama give the last inauguration speech he ever gets to give. But at least you’ll be able to sit down. Take it from personal experience: going to see the inauguration in 2008 was fun, but without tickets, my friends and I had to stand on the Mall, in January, for hours. We would have literally murdered someone if it meant we could have a bench. Also if you win, don’t forget your Boston/Journey/Foreigner mixtape that you can finally give to Handsome Joe.

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