Feel the excitement: the Obamacare forms are here

Make sure you've got pens that work!
Make sure you’ve got pens that work!

Everybody excited about Obamacare??? We are, because no health insurance means we’ve been dragging around a busted shoulder for like 6 months. But of course because it’s the government running things, you just know there’ll be a TON of paperwork. Or maybe not, since the forms were released and someone applying for individual care only has to fill out a three page form.

Sidestepping one of the usual hacky complaints about government programs, the Obama Administration decided to go with simple paperwork for insurance applications. The form¬†goes into things like recent job history, your income level and whether you have insurance at the moment. Your income will determine just how much help you end up getting, so for once, that company that isn’t giving you that freelance check might be a blessing in disguise. Strangely, there’s nothing in the forms about signing up for a mandatory abortion, a death panel or a polite but firm request to list what guns you have in your home. Maybe in the next round of paperwork.

Health insurance exchanges open in every state that has them on October 1, and we might be the first people to mail in our forms. Unless of course that shoulder has declined to the point where the arm literally falls off. But we hear something like that happening is just an old wives’ tale.


  1. annaleah

    seems like freelancers can’t use this form?

    “NOTE: if any of the following apply, you need to fill out a different form to make sure you get the most benefits possible:
    …You have items that can be deducted from your income. if your only deduction is student loan interest, you can use this form.”

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