Amazon’s BK photo studio hiring stylists and makeup artists

Can you deal well with this guy? We've got a job for you
Can you deal well with this guy? We’ve got a job for you

Amazon’s new 40,000-square-foot studio in Williamsburg, which has been in the works for about a year, is hiring a number of photo-related positions in Brooklyn, namely stylists, hair and makeup people and an art director.

On the more entry-level side of the equation, assistant stylists must have a year of experience in a commercial photography studio from. You’ll be more of the support staff to the stylists taking pictures and it requires some things like mail work and scheduling, but you’ll be there helping to set up the shoots as well. They’re also hiring hair and makeup artists, and for that they’re asking you have three years of experience at a commercial photo studio and a cosmetology degree, so better luck next time all you beauty school dropouts.

If you’re more interested in the brass ring than support staff, the warehouse also needs lead and senior stylists, and at the top of the heap, they need an art director. And hell, if you’re feeling up for one of the positions, just go ahead and apply to it. After all, Amazon is one of those internet companies obsessed with disrupting things like job requirements.

P.S. If you’d rather just write about fashion than make it happen, the web mag Refinery29 is looking to beef up its ranks of staff writers, copy editors and production assistants.

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