Marlow & Sons’ will sell you a bag made of the animal you just ate

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A grass-fed bag, the perfect pairing for your grass-fed burger. via Marlow Goods

If the plastic bag ban and farm-to-table movement hooked up, this is probably what it would look like.

You probably didn’t pay much notice to the September 5th opening of Marlow Goods pop-up at the Wythe Hotel. With leather totes that start at $650, the luxury Marlow goods are a bit out of the Brokelyn budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eye them… Especially because they are reportedly made out of the animals you can eat at the Wythe Hotel’s restaurant, Reynard.

Vogue tipped us off to a new fusion between Marlow Goods and Reynard: farm to table bags. That’s right, the grass-fed hamburger ($16-19) leftovers you’re taking home can be carried in the skin the meat originated from.

After the animal is killed for its flesh, rather than sending the hides to leather processors to store, dye and tan, the pelts from the animals served for dinner can skip a few middle steps and be transformed into fancy leather bags, reducing waste, transportation costs, and giving an eerie sense of completion to the slaughter of that juicy steak you couldn’t quite finish. Of course, you’ll have to purchase a multi-hundred dollar bag possibly more expensive than your rent, first.

Kate Huling of Marlow & Sons told Vogue she’s hoping that tourists who only make it one stop off the L (or let’s be real, they take a cab) see the bags in the Wythe Hotel think “they’re really in Brooklyn.” We think we’ll stick with grabbing a burger at Dumont and stuffing it in one of our infinite free totes though.

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