Fancy map shows NYPD ticketing more cars than they used to

vision zero
There’s no room for you in de Blasio’s New York, Speed Racer. via Flickr user Caitee Smith

As Mayor Tall has started to implement his Vision Zero plan to conquer (traffic) deaths in New York, people have been freaking out about all the jaywalking tickets being handed out. Rightfully so, since not only is jaywalking basically a human right in New York City, it also doesn’t make much sense to keep up the idea that pedestrians are responsible for not being killed by speeding boxes of death when cars could just slow down. But now WNYC has mapped it out and found that more tickets for various moving violations like speeding, failure to yield and running stop signs are up were handed out all over the city this February as compared to last February.

As you can see from the map, basically all of Brooklyn is one big blue swath of traffic ticket increases. The leader in the borough was Bed-Stuy’s 81st Precinct with a 218% increase in traffic tickets handed out, followed by Crown Heights’ 71st Precinct with a 192% increase. The only place in Brooklyn without a jump was the 69th Precinct in Canarsie.

So while the official Brokelyn party line remains that giving out jaywalking tickets is completely freaking insane, it is nice to see that cars are also bearing some of the brunt of de Blasio’s vengeance.


  1. That’s just a stupid statement by the writer to state Pedestrians are not responsible in accidents when they are culpable of course not as much as drivers are but they are. When they don’t obey traffic lights, walk signs and just arbitrarily walk in the middle street as if they have the right to walk regardless of oncoming traffic, especially those in Manhattan. Please at least sound objective than to state such a ridiculous and sweeping statement.

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