Replace your mother with a free grandmother, thanks to brands

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Via Flickr user Ray M.

In the latest move of a #brand trying to connect with you, one Manhattan-based private video-sharing and storage system is trying to be your mother. Or your mother’s mother, at least. DNAinfo writes:

“Office workers in Manhattan can book a free visit and hug from a ‘Granny-on-Demand’ this Friday in advance of Mother’s Day, courtesy. … Users of the promotional service will have their choice of four grannies, each fitting a different stereotype: the ‘worrier,’ the ‘talker,’ the ‘forgetter’ and the tech-savvy ‘Insta-grandmother.’ ”

Why is this a promotion for a video service? General manager Brody Ehrlich told DNAinfo: “[People] can use KeepTree and be like, ‘Hey Ma, I love you, but I kind of replaced you with a new grandma.”

Thanks, brands; we’ll make sure to call you at least once a week just to say hi.

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