Fairway will be out of commission for ‘way more than a month’

Throwing out waterlogged food at Fairway. photo by Conal Darcy

After being such a good neighbor by giving food away, it’s no fun to report that Red Hook’s Fairway will be closed for awhile. Following up on a tip we got this morning that the grocery store would be closed for a month due to flooding, we got comment from a source at Fairway’s corporate headquarters who told us it would “be way more than a month” due to the building taking on six feet of flood water. Our source also told us that while the building was structurally sound, “the floor and ceiling are fine. Everything in between needs to be redone.” It’s a blow to Red Hook, to be sure. We’ll update you with any related information as we get it.


  1. Dear Whomever Will Listen,

    Fairway left plenty of food, however it was littered with broken bottles, glass, and other unpalatable debris. It appears that Fairway simply cleared its shelves of items they could not sell. Rather than reaching out to organizations in the community or delivering the food a mere few blocks where it could have been properly prepared and distributed they went the selfish route and left it rotting in the parking lot. If Fairway was truly concerned not only with profits lost but with the community benefiting from “giving food away” they would have truly given it away and not left it to rot without alerting those who could have used the food.

    Unhappy Fairway customer

    • Selfishly? They had a health hazard there to worry about, they were cleaning up for the good of the neighborhood not because they were worried about profits. Their insurance will handily cover whatever was lost due to the storm.

      They did what they could given the circumstances – they took items they considered still consumable and notified people that they were available free of charge. They could have instead just piled everything into the dumpster and still recouped the insurance for it.

      Another example of someone or something trying to do something good, and some armchair idiot finding fault that they didn’t do enough.

      • It is sad that a person is unable to respond without personal attacks, which can be interpreted as diversion from the weakness of prior statements. The Fact remains that the state of the “free of charge” items left littered amongst broken glass and such would have better served if they were “piled in a dumpster.” The items were simply irrecoverable! Please note the point of my original and current comment is, just because something is free that does not mean that it should be in an extremely poor condition. The state of the items was equivalent to providing hole filled under garments and expecting the recipient to be grateful for the undergarments simply because they are “free.”

        I personally love Fairway’s products, but regardless wrong is wrong!

        • Point


          After reading your follow up post to Que, I have a question for you—what world do you live in?

          Que, you’re spot on. Bo, do something constructive.

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