This pub crawl will be infinitely easier than the events it’s exploring. via Wikipedia

This Saturday, August 23, grab your tri-cornered fedoras and relive the Battle of Brooklyn through the eyes of a drunken Hessian mercenary. Local writer and historian Connor Gaudet will lead a free pub crawl through the area the Continental Army defended against a British assault on New York in the Revolutionary War. Gaudet will stop at and describe various key historical sites throughout the Heights of Guan (Gowanus) and, most importantly, raise a pint or two at eleven bars and pubs along the way.

The Battle of Brooklyn may have ended with an American defeat, but we won in the end so we’ll drink to that! The crawl starts at 2pm at Mary’s Bar (708 5th Avenue, South Slope), the site of the original American fortifications. It then continues on to Quarter Bar, Brooklyn Pub, Greenwood Park, Freddy’s, Black Horse Pub, Der Kommisar, Skylark, The Gate, Canal Bar, and finally Lavender Lake. Check out the map.

The event is free, but freedom beer ain’t. Bring cash if you want to get blotto while talking trash about King George the Jerk, or your Beer Book since there are plenty of bars in it along the way. Oh yeah, they encourage colonial clothing, so you finally can wear those breeches with pride. Just leave your blunderbuss at home.

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