Exclusive! New York Times pizza troll likes fish sandwiches, shopping at Army surplus

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Noted pizza meh-er Willy Staley rocked the Army/Navy fashion for us way back in 2009.

Admitted native Californian and noted Lady Mondegreen acolyte Willy Staley ushered in the era of New York Times food trolling this week. He added pizza, that most sacrosanct of sliced New York life, to the Times magazine’s Meh List. Faced with fierce criticism, Staley and the Times doubled down on the claim, explaining that that “The categorical error New Yorkers make is mistaking ubiquity for superiority, much as certain Californians do with pot.”

We could churn up enough stomach acid to get bothered that his first reference to a pizza place is a Chuck E. Cheese (and not, say, a place on Rt. 9 some of us went to after tee-ball), but instead we’ll point out things that Staley did not think were “meh” in his days writing for Brokelyn years ago: under $5 fish sandwiches in Brooklyn, for one, finding the best deals at Army/Navy stores for another.

Willy wrote some other great posts like this one, way back in Brokelyn 1.0 days when he was a wee lad and we were just a wee blog with tiny photos in our posts.

We may not agree with him on pizza, but that Army jacket is just as stylish today as it ever was.

(And if you ever want to troll the world someday, you can start by writing for Brokelyn today.)

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