A fashionable way to memorialize the constant closure of your favorite Brooklyn spots

Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.
Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

What’s an appropriate way to commemorate the constant unavoidable hand of death that keeps claiming all your favorite Brooklyn locations, the steady drumbeat of mortality that’s bound to swallow up all your favorite Brooklyn venues, bars, restaurants, people, places and things and spit them out as a bland, condo-fied mush? Put them on a fashionable T-shirt.

I spotted this guy at the preview night of the Brooklyn Bazaar on Wednesday. He and some friends made the shirts to commemorate the closings that swallowed their favorite Williamsburg spots. And no, you can’t buy one UPDATE: You actually can buy one here! They made a limited run. In case you’re keeping tabs, Savalas closed in 2011; Good Co. turned into Belle Shoals in January; our beloved Trash Bar went to the curb in 2015 and White Castle steamed its last ham in 2014. The closest we ever got was making a video about our dearly departed venues. This shirt beats constantly whining that New York is OVER.

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