Everyone’s obsessed with asking Google about the L train

l train
Oddly, none of the questions deal with just never trying to ride it again. via Flickr user Ken

More than just a search engine, Google is a repository of our hopes, dreams and fears, which definitely won’t come back to bite us in the ass when the robot uprising finally comes. Until that day though, we can revel in the things that people Google about the subway, especially since both nationally and here at home in Real America, everyone is obsessed with asking about the L train. We know because amNewYork asked Google what the most common subway-related Google searches are, and both nationally and in NYC the answer is “Is the L train running?”

amNewYork asked Google to pull the data for all of the subway questions people have asked the search engine/information hoarder over the past 6 months, and as it turns out, everyone wants to know about the damn L train. In fact, according to the top ten list compiled both nationally and locally, the L is the only line people are asking about specifically.

Other questions deal with general information like how much the fare costs or where to buy MetroCards, but as with any study of Google questions, there are popular terms that reveal hopeless frustration (“Where is my MTA bus?”), a need for legal advice (“How do I handle a pink violation from the MTA?”) and a hope for human connection (“How do you meet women on the subway?”). We can’t help with the first two questions, but luckily for you men out there looking to meet women on the subway, we have advice for you: Buddy, just don’t do it.

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