Everyone loves canned beer now, and that’s just fine with us

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They’re called AmeriCANS, not Ameribottles

It’s Friday afternoon, so let’s just cast off any responsibilities we still might have and talk about beer. We figure that’s all you’re thinking of right now. Anyway, do you guys like canned beer or bottled beer more? Well OK, you probably like any beer. But according to this Business Insider story, there’s a move afoot to put more beer in cans. Which is fine with us, less glass in the street to puncture bike tires.

BI talked to the founder of Ska Brewing Company (whose slogan sadly is not “A message to you Rudy: Drink up!”) about why they’re using cans instead of bottles for their beer. For starters, they just fit the rude boys’ outdoor lifestyle better. But aside from that personal preference, cans are cheaper to produce and ship and stack better in bodegas, which means you can put more in there.

The most controversial aspect of the story is its insistence that cans are better for beer than bottles. We aren’t fancy beer scientists, so we can’t dispute this. But according to Dave Welz of Ska Brewing, who recommends that if you want to try his product you go to the bodega and pickitup picktup pickitup today, bottles allow light to get in to to the brews and destroy them on a molecular level. Which sounds pretty dire, to be honest. And yet fancy brewers of all stripes still use bottles. So if you are a fancy beer scientist, or just a normal one, and want to dispute this in the comments, feel free to educate people in the comments. In the meantime, we’ll jut be shotgunning beers over here. Which you can’t do with a bottle.

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  1. What are you talking about? I just shotgunned a beer from a bottle. Sure, my lips and gums are bleeding and I’ll need stitches, but I did it.

  2. I’m just a marketing guy, not the founder. Dave Thibodeau, Bill Graham and Matt Vincent are the founders. Cheers, drink up! – Dave Welz

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