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Enid’s looks for the upper crust of apple pie makers this Sunday

Good enough to steal off a windowsill. via Flickr user Happy Krissy
Good enough to steal off a windowsill. via Flickr user Happy Krissy

Given that it’s fall, it’s about the time of year when people switch their dessert dreams from ice cream sandwiches to apple pie. Apples in general are big in the fall, and the only thing better than eating one slice of apple pie is eating a half dozen slices of pies that people consider better than anyone else’s in Brooklyn. Which you can do this weekend at Enid’s Apple Pie Contest.

This will be the eleventh year that Enid’s is looking for the best apple pies in Brooklyn, and the eleventh year you can show up and eat them. For just five dollars, you can sample every one of the pies that people bring to show their pie skills this Sunday. That $5 also gets you a free beer, and it goes towards the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, so you don’t have to feel guilty or gluttonous for tasting all those delicious pies.

But let’s say you’re ambitious and you think your apple pie is the best in the land. In that case, bring your pie to Enid’s between 5pm and 5:45pm The rules stipulate that you can make any kind of apple pie that you like, as long as they contain apples and crust. And if your secret ingredient to bring it all together is some kind of cream or sauce, you’re SOL, because it’s pies only. But if your pie really is that good, it should be able to stand on its own, right? Right!

Eleventh Enid’s Apple Pie Contest, Sunday, October 20, 5pm, Enid’s, 560 Manhattan Avenue, $5

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