Endless bummer: Fort Tilden probably closed this year too

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Welp, still looks like shit. via Flicker user hunter.gatherer

As we enter (hopefully) winter’s last month, thoughts are kind of almost moving to summer and the various adventures we can have during it. Maybe you were thinking Fort Tilden would be reopened, so we’d have another victory over Sandy to add to our list. Well, if you were thinking that, you thought wrong, because the beach will still most likely be closed, as Gothamist reports. Back to hating nature with a blind vengeance!

Gothamist spoke to the National Park Service, who operates the entirety of the park that Fort Tilden is a part of. Spokesperson Daphne Yun told them that sadly, there’s still too much debris, like metal and broken concrete slabs, in the sand for them to give the go-ahead to open the beach.

Yun explained that delay in opening the beach again had to do with the fact that Tilden was only part of the 60 miles of coastline that are part of the Gateway National Recreation Area and that have to be cleaned up. And hey, that’s fair, and there are also plenty of other beaches in the city. In the meantime, there are still also plenty of ways to help people impacted by Sandy in worse ways than just losing a beach, so you can always be warmed by the inner glow doing good works provides.

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