Someone is trying to sell Martin Shkreli an empty Diet Pepsi can for $25 million

Zero calories, zero soda. via eBay
Zero calories, zero soda. via eBay

It’s hard to determine what could revive interest in pharma-bore Martin Shkreli as of late. Between his performance at Congress, his late-night Tyra Mail habit, his belabored Twitter game and most notoriously, paying $2 million for the only copy of the new Wu-Tang Clan album, the ex-CEO (and Sheepshead Bay native) has become something more of a meme than a man.

Seeming to have noticed this, someone on eBay is trying to take advantage of Shkreli’s penchant for collectors’ items, and is now trying to sell Martin Shkreli a factory-sealed empty can of Diet Pepsi for $25 million.

“Just like the album,” reads the can’s listing, “It’s only worth what you—Martin Shkreli—say it is.”

“The ideal outcome is that it appeals to Shkreli’s ego,” the seller tells us. 

The listing, which also says “Martin Shkreli, this post is for you and you alone,” was put up by a user who calls himself pharmabro2 in Brighton, Mass. The can of Diet Pepsi is a pressurized, factory-sealed dud that only contains a drop of soda (as evidenced by the scale in the photo below).


Diet Pepsi goes well with Diet Smugness.
Diet Pepsi goes well with Diet Smugness.

“I happened to find a factory-error empty can in a 12-pack,” said pharmabro2 when we contacted him for details.

While it’s pretty unlikely that Shkrel spends any time on eBay, it’s certainly reasonable to expect he’d drop an absurd amount of money on something that can’t be found anywhere else. Though at this point, trolling Martin Shkreli for millions of dollars with an empty can is only slightly less viable than trying to sell him a rare pube.

The can’s listing is priced at $25,000 due to eBay’s limits, but the seller said he wanted to list it at $25 million.

“I think he was hit hard financially after the charges [against him],” said the seller. “So it may not be the best time.”

On the other hand, if you’re interested, you should feel free to buy the can. There’s free shipping. We also asked the seller whether there was any significance to his offer of a diet beverage, instead of full-calorie.

“There’s no outright significance. The best I could hope for is that [Martin Shkreli] is also a Diet Pepsi drinker.”

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