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Eat delicious sandwiches for the benefit of a Carroll Gardens community garden this weekend

This sandwich from last year getting you hungry? Well, just hold out until Sunday. via Facebook
This sandwich from last year getting you hungry? Well, just hold out until Sunday. via Facebook

Who makes the best sandwich in Brooklyn? Wait, put down the bats and other implements of argumentation, we’re not actually here to debate that today. On Sunday September 20, however, you’ll have a chance to decide that question, because Carroll Gardens’ The Amazing Garden is having their annual fundraiser, The Best Sandwich in Brooklyn, in which you chow down on grilled sandwiches all day and hold in your hand the power to vote for which one you think is the best. Leave the bats and implements of destruction at home for this one too though, it’s a family event.

The competition to see who has the best sandwich in this borough of sandwiches goes down on Sunday, September 20 at The Amazing Garden (Carroll Street and Columbia Street) at 3pm. The Amazing Garden definitely found themselves a great fundraiser idea, because who doesn’t love sandwiches and arguing? For $15, you get what organizers have termed “continuous delicious food” from the three eateries vying for your vote. You’ve got a three way battle, with Williamsburg breakfast lovers Egg competing against neighborhood beer garden Jalopy Tavern¬†competing against another nearby gastropub,¬†Strong Place.

Why some Williamsburg interloper is in on this action is beyond us, but you should just worry about eating the sandwiches that will be offered up. Each spot competing for your vote will make a meat sandwich and a veggie sandwich. As the sandwiches come off the grill, you get to eat them and then you vote on which sandwich in each division (meat and veggie) is the best. And as we’re always looking for a bargain, six sandwiches for $15 comes out to less than $3 per sandwich, which is really hard to beat for high quality bread and something in between the bread.

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