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Saturday: eat a year and a half’s worth of food in one day

Let’s hope that dude’s wearing a hair net. Meatopia photo 2011 ourtesy of Food and Drink Digital.

Another NYC weekend, another pig head on a spit. (What is it about pig heads, BTW? You never see charred chicken or cow heads on anyone’s dinner table.) The latest foodie orgie to hit our spice-rubbed streets is Meatopia, a “giant meat bar” on Randall’s Island prepared by the likes of chefs Adam Perry Lang and April Bloomfield.

Single tickets are $140, which, it turns out, is enough to feed a starving New Yorker for a year and a half. How do we know this? From the good people at Meatopia themselves.

Yes, when you’re buying a Meatopia ticket on Eventbrite, the checkout page offers the option to donate to City Harvest:

Help feed hungry New Yorkers and keep good food from going to waste with City Harvest! Every little bit helps! $91.25 helps feed a person for a year $7.60 helps feed a person for a month $1.75 helps feed a person for week.

This basically means that for the same price of gorging on chimchurri-marinated skirt steak for a day, you and a friend can feed three people for a year. Buzz kill? Hardly! This is genius. More point-of-sale charity pitches like these could go a long way to solve our economic inequality probs. (Obama, are you listening?)

What if we get people buying Tiffany necklaces to check a little box and also put four kids through college? Or when you buy a shearling coat, you also have the option to provide swimsuits to poor Antarticans who are only now enjoying their first summers. A BMW convertible = 17,621 Cambodian rickshaws. And so on. So instead of feeling guilty about starving New Yorkers while you’re on your seventh pork slider, let them have a bite of yours. Or screw it and just donate to City Harvest then go throw pies at total strangers for free.



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