Apply now to be among The Chosen Few to rent in East W’burg for $985/month

Photo via StreetEasy
845 Grand St. Photo via StreetEasy

The dream of affordable living in Brooklyn is just an application away, in theory. Those who apply for the two currently open subsidized apartment lotteries in East Williamsburg will likely be raindrops in an ocean of other hopeful applicants, but for the winners at least it’ll have been worth it. And those who aren’t chosen can live on the fantasy of affordability until they’re rejected – rather, not contacted.

Today is the last day to apply for one of the eight below market-rate, brand spankin’ new apartments at 845 Grand St. There’s six one-bedrooms and two two-bedrooms available. The one-bedrooms rent for $1,020/month, the two-bedrooms for $1,224. The building has a roof terrace, backyard, indoor lounge, “exercise/yoga room”, bike room, laundry room and elevator. The building is on the same block as the Grand St. L train station, is within walking distance from the G and is near a handful of bus lines. Hot damn.

Singles and two-person households making between $34,972 and $43,500 a year are eligible for the one-bedrooms, and two- to three-person households making between $41,966 and $54,360 a year are eligible for the two-bedrooms.

74 Montrose Av. Photo via StreetEasy
74 Montrose Av. Photo via StreetEasy

Meanwhile, a 15 minute walk away at 73 Montrose Ave., another eight units are open for lottery. You have until April 17 to apply to these units, which began accepting applications on March 27.

Here’s the PDF with all the details.

The Montrose development is also brand spankin’ new. It has four one-bedrooms, renting for $985/month, and four two-bedrooms, renting for $1,224/month. Eligible one-bedroom applicants will have one- to two-person households with an annual income of $33,772 to $43,500, and eligible two-bedroom applicants will have a two- to four-person household making $38,195 to $54,360 a year.

The building is close to the J, M and G trains. There are no fancy amenities at Montrose, alas. Check it out here.

As always with these lotteries, a percentage of units will be reserved for physically disabled applicants, municipal employees and current residents of the area’s Community District – in this case, CD1. Oh, and now is the time to pull any strings you’ve got within city agencies, cause they’ll be referring up to up to half of units’ future lease-holders.

Sweet digs if you can score it. Apply online.

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